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UltraFire H4 350lm

  • UltraFire H4
  • CREE R5  White LED
  • 350 Lumens / 120 Minutes(Manufacturer rated)
  • with deep Reflector
  • adjustable brightness with memory function
  • Emitter Color: White
  • Tail Switch
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Water and Dust proof for adverse weather
  • Battery Configurations(3V-4.2V):CR123 x 1 ,  17670 x 1
  • 7.5-10.8cm(L) x 2.4cm(Diameter)
  • Net weight: 48g ( without battery)
Packing Included:
-Ultrafire High Quality adjustable headband
-17670 battery  tube

Mode & brightness change
, Flash)
Fast on / off, can change the model.

(You can change the brightness)
Please hold the ON button, the brightness will change.
When you release the ON button. The brightness will be memory.
You can reset it.(Fast on / off)

Price  $ 43.00
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