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Soshine S7 Charger (Support 10440 to 18650)


Precision end-of-charge voltage detection
Floating-charge maintains battery in full charge
LCD displays for multi-information, voltage ,time ,charging percentage ,charging capacity ,worse battery and bad battery

Metal plates for charging connection can easy adjust for many different type battery cell
Automatic 3.7V/1.2V battery cell voltage and polarity detection
Over Charging timeout protection
Auto alert indication for worse battery cell and bad battery cell
Power input can use DC12V or Mini USB DC5V for charging
Auto active function for Lithium battery cell open (0 Voltage)


DC IN :5V 1A / 12V 600mA



1000mA@ Lion 3.7V Battery
1000mA@ Ni-MH 1.2V Battery                                                                                       
Charger mode:CC / CV (Li-ion Battery)/ DELTA V (Ni-MH Battery)
Colour: white
Size(mm): L95x W48 x H22mm
Weight :54g 


LCD display 

The intelligent charger can connect the power from supplied AC power adaptor or adaptor with 5V DC USB output or DC car cigarette lighter adaptor for charging, after power on, LCD display shows『Stby』characters, the charger is on standby mode and can insert a rechargeable Li-Ion battery or NiMH/NiCd rechargeable battery cell for charging.


Price  $ 20.00
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Battery charger
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