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UltraFire UF763 (BLUE LED)

  • UltraFire UF763
  • CREE Q5 220lm  BLUE LED
  • 220 Lumens (Manufacturer rated)
  • Emitter Color: Blue
  • Smooth deep Reflector (Spot light)
  • Tailcap Switch / remote switch (Included)
  • Bulb change (OK)
  •  Include Toy Gun mount (20mm-25mm)
  • Lens:Coated Glass Lens
  • Type III hard-anodized finish
  • Battery Configurations:UltraFire 18650 x 1,CR123 x 2
  • Battery Configurations:(With Mount) CR123 x 3, 17500 x 2
  • 19.5-15.7cm(L) x 41cm(Diameter)

Price  $ 48.00
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