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Remote switch & Mount Ring

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UltraFire WF-007 Remote switch
UltraFire Toy Gun use remote switch(UF-007)
Price  $ 10.00
UltraFire MC Series Remote Switch
UltraFire MC Series Remote Switch(For MC1,MC3,)
Price  $ 10.00
UltraFire C2 Remote Switch
UltraFire C2 Remote Switch(C2Q5,C2Q5 MCU)
Price  $ 10.00
UltraFire LM Series Remote Switch
UltraFire LM Series (Support: Use 18650 x 2 size FlashLight)
Price  $ 10.00
UltraFir,SureFire,SuperFire Remote Switch
Price  $ 12.00
For UF-008 use mount & tube
UltraFire UF-008 use mount & tube
Price  $ 15.00
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